phóng viên phân tích tính Thời Trang của áo cưới Meera Meera Fashion Concept, từ góc nhìn về một người phụ nữ thanh lịch, hiện đại, luốn muốn mình đẹp mọi lúc mọi nơi, luôn sẵn sàng đón nhận và hoà nhập vào những trào lưu tân tiến của Thế Giới:


In the wedding, we also pay attention to the high waist design, so that you can seem more of our brides tall, more perfect body proportions. Chest tulle just highlights the charm of your chest, sleeveless design allows your little Xiangjian enough breath of fresh air outside! White tulle folded layers, so that the whole wedding special sexy!


This is a very tight upper body, nice chest and waist highlight your charm. Folded layers of tulle pants seem to let you being in fairyland. Bra design is not very sexy yet?


Sling Bra style wedding seems more than a little sexy even, which can be described as a truly done after lordosis Alice. Tiny tail is very nice!


Perspective tulle, if the terms of the skin can now, Bra, waist, hips, and so these enhance a high to a new height. And there are small tailing treatment, this one seems to be the queen dress.

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